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huscara limited edition luxury watch - all the benefits of a hublot but less of the price. why buy an omega or a hublot or a rolex when you can have a limited edition luxury huscara watch - seal elite military style watch dive watch huscara divers watch unique watch

Welcome to the Pre-Launch HUSCARA website

The full website will be going live ahead of the official HUSCARA launch in the spring, however in the mean time you can use the Pre Launch site tolearn about our range of limited edition luxury watches and jewellery lines launching at Cannes 2017.

Once the full website goes live in the spring you will be able to view the entire range in our online store, view our retail outlets and also request bespoke pieces from our design team as well us to learn more about Huscara, our origins and ethos. Those of you who purchase our luxury watches, jewellery and accessories  are able to access a wide range of unique features and benefits designed to support your ownership and your adventures.


During the Pre-Launch phase and on the journey ahead of us we would love to keep in touch with you on our Social Media pages where you will get some of the first glimpses of our new limited edition pieces before they go on general release as well as get exclusive access to our competitions where you can WIN tickets to Huscara sponsored or partnered Premieres and Launch Events as well as first chances to access our ultra limited edition products and or one of pieces.

Please keep in touch with us on these social media


We are now open to Press Enquires andProduct Placement requests and at this stage we will also consider requests from certain individuals for pre-release availability of a very limited number of the SEAL Elite, SEAL Apex, Siberian and Orca Noir watches as well as some pieces of the jewellery range.  All pieces are limited edition and as such very few are available for placement so please understand not all requests can be catered for. For more information on this please Contact US

huscara limited edition luxury jewellery hucara jewelry cartier beuatiful jewellery custom jewellery louis vitton rose gold silver two tone


For the last five years our team have been working to create a small number of very unique, high quality products that go way beyond the accepted industry standards. Our mission was simple. To create pieces that have as much beauty and as they do integrity and for us and our pieces to break the mould and dare to be different, just like the type of person that wears them.

To find out more about them you can read below about us and how we have got to this point.

“Limited edition timepieces of exceptional quality.”

huscara watch unique beautiful limited edition watch



22,000 ft above sea level at the top of the Huascaran mountain where adventurers push themselves to the limit, an idea was born. 150 ft beneath the surface of waves that idea was taken to test. In a moment of jeopardy, where accuracy, resilience and a mere matter of seconds made the difference between life and death HUSCARA was born. The idea was to create something of unfaltering quality, not quantity. To create an experience that could be carried with you and worn like a badge of honour. HUSCARA is a symbol of a person’s individuality, character, passion and strength.


Built to work as well in the office as it does on adventures in extreme conditions, an HUSCARA is an essential piece of perfectly-crafted design that exudes individuality. For reliability and accuracy whatever your adventures and wherever they take you, HUSCARA represents your most precious asset – time. Whether it is on top of the highest mountains, in the deepest depths of the ocean or on the wrists of those in hostile situations, we have tested our pieces to the limit in the harshest of environments.


The team behind HUSCARA hark from different backgrounds, yet they all share a common connection; a life lived through adventure. A member of the intelligence services, an entrepreneur and a creative designer have harnessed their talents and expertise to create a range of unique, collectable pieces that are a modern masterclass in timeless craftsmanship and an emblem of experience. Our focus is on individual expressions of craft, design and quality that become an extension of the person who wears it.


At HUSCARA we believe passionately in making the world a better place, in giving back – so for every HUSCARA piece that is sold, a percentage of the profits will be donated to charitable causes that help preserve and benefit our world. You will be able to see more about our partners shortly.



HUSCARA provide a new concept in luxury watches jewellery and accessories , an avant garde statement that stands out proudly from the crowd. We achieve this through a unique blend of commitment to timeless beauty and a modern mindset that pays homage to traditional horology, whilst exploring new horizons through innovative design. Characterised by mechanical integrity and a design aesthetic that speaks for itself, simply put, our pieces are bold, original and unexpected.

Truly sculptured pieces, a HUSCARA  is undoubtedly for the style conscious. But for those that dare to look more closely, HUSCARA’s prestige runs far deeper than the well crafted aesthetics. Go beneath the surface and you will find intelligent design, unrivalled craftsmanship and a relentless commitment to quality. We are proud that this reliability and accuracy has allowed our watches to serve individuals tackling the most challenging of environments and situations, making our pieces a unique blend of refined style and unstoppable practicality.

The HUSCARA watches , jewellery and accessories represent years of research and development, where excellence is imperative and progressiveness is celebrated. Our team are dedicated to the desiging and constantly refining of pieces that are true to our core values.

At HUSCARA, we are dedicated to creating products that refuse to conform. We look beyond tradition to focus on pieces that are distinctive, personal and uniquely beautiful without compromising on exceptional quality. More than a watch or a piece of jewellery, our pieces become an expression you and your story.

When it comes to the materials and mechanisms of the watches, jewellery and accessories we design , they vary from each piece finding the perfect combination of features and mechanisms for each piece. We believe being bespoke and unique is better than an all encompassing broad stroke. We are committed to quality, modern techniques and designs that make them even more special than they seem at first glance.

huscara limited edition watches



A limited edition HUSCARA watch is a forever, legacy piece. Encompassing a unique, bold look combined with ultra-resilient materials and beautiful functionality. Choose between silver, rose gold or black casing, with the black face and uniquely styled sticks and a leather or silicone strap.